Ray Beldner

Gelt Suit v.2 2004

Corporate Clothing

For Michelangelo 1994

Liberty 1999

Bitch and Ho 1994

Closed Circle 1992

Dark Suits 1992

E Plurbus Unum (From Many, One) 1994

For Calivin Coolidge 1995

Half Man 1993

Heart/Burn 1994

Hidden Shame 1993

Kidney/Burn 1994

Untitled (Cryng Hats) 1994

Converse, Confer, Conceit, 1991

Site-specific installation for the exhibition: Site: Western Union, Haines Gallery Annex, San Francisco, CA; wood, metal, hardware, clothes, shoes, suitcases, pigeons, 96"x 192"x 192"

This installation was located in an abandoned Western Union switching office. A closet was constructed that layered suitcases, a metal cage, suits and shoes. Over the course of the show, the pigeons soiled the suits situated below them, progressively lightening their dark fabric. Spaced evenly in front of the closet were twenty metal rods on stanchions supporting telephone receivers. The phones were connected to a microphone in the bird cage. Since the phones only received messages, viewers had to listen to a one way conversation from the birds while they ate, bathed and shat upon the clothes below them.
Untitled Installation, 1994

Site-specific installation, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, Nebraska; clothing and pins, 10'x 20'x 24'

This installation consisted of 40 bales of used clothing stapled to the walls of an old burlap bag factory in Omaha, Nebraska. The palm trees were cut out of the clothes and pinned to the wall to keep their shape. One wall had a row of suit jackets and the other wall had a phrase by King Charles the Ninth of France cut out of pants and jackets. It read: "The body of a dead enemy always smells good."

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