sulla parete acrilico e matita alessandro perelli 1983
 (a close friend)



iI mio armadio:

Io so l'Italiano ma mi esprimo meglio in inglese...
my wardrobe is made up of:

Lets see... mainly pieces I have picked up all over the place, I have travelled a lot for work, and I buy the clothes almost anywhere really, 2nd hand shops I really love I can find mens-boys pieces like old used chinos or fatigue pants... nice jeans too... I would always wear these... but I also have some super girly pieces too ...I love jackets, coats... they must all last a good while and above all... not date!

I add to my wardrobe as I mature... so new pcs in and away wth the old ones that don't fit or are worn to death... I store them away ...not so easy to part with... well... I think its like having a private collection somehow.

Seriously... though... I do hope it does its job... that is... make me look my best!

My favourite pc is this suit, tailor made by Pino, my husband had one made ...then so did I, it looks like a downsized version of he's suit.

My other favorite pc is this 2nd hand blk silk and lace dress... it was a gift frm my husband and it makes me feel just "right" ...funny... not all clothes make you feel "right " even if you love them...

Well... then there are two great jackets I love... both red... one is a woolen jaket that is machine washable and very very warm and just perfect for the European climate
And the other is made of metallic fiber so you can virtually mould it on... it's a superstar piece!

One of my passions is 2nd hand jewelry and lately it's all I've been buying... Clothes can become tedious... but... hey... we all need them!!

Oh! a horrid piece does comes to mind... I once bought a pair of over fashionable trousers, and guess what I only ever  wore them once... thank god!

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