If you want to join Nell'armadio


If you wish. We need:

1. A photo or more of your wardrobe - open, but any other place you keep your clothes is fine

2. Your photo, perhaps full length or however you want to appear

3. A discription of the contents of your wardrobe, you could make a list of your clothes or tell us when why; how you buy, and if any tell a story about one or more items you like the most or whatever fancies you about them or whatever comes to mind.
How/what you decide when you wake up and dress.

4. Your favourites, photo of one to four items, best pieces that best express the way you are or feel.

5. The skeleton-ghost in the wardrobe, a photo & explain if any. A piece that you bought but never worn or was maybe a gift and you dislike or something you really thought was super but today are embarassed about or something that you can't part with, too difficult to throw away.

please send to

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